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[20 May 2010 | No Comment | ]

We always saw many online services offering service to make short URL to share with friends on social networking sites.
Hugeurl is free online service allows you to increase the length of any website address. Making lengthy URL is look wired but it’s funny to share long URL with anybody.
Hugeurl provide simple interface to make huge …

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[11 Jan 2010 | One Comment | ]

Convert.Files is awesome online tool with simple interface which support online conversion of files. Convert.Files supports a huge list of file types which can be converted from one to another. (list of supported conversions)

Easy steps to convert files

Select the file to be converted, either from your computer or by giving …

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[4 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]

youconvertit is nice online tool which is useful in many ways. This tool provides Document Formats, Image Formats, Music Formats, Video Formats and archives Formats, so you can convert files and also download and convert videos to desire format.

Let’s see all the features of you convert it

Youconvertit provide easy interface to perform various operations.
Convert …

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[27 Aug 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

There are several tools to resize and edit image files. Here is this cool online tool which reduces the size (not the dimensions) of image file without making any changes to its dimension, resolution, quality etc.
Punypng is an online tool which helps you to reduce the size of an image file up to 35% in …

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[24 Aug 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Selecting the right hosting plan is really a tough job, especially for new webmasters. There are several hosting services available in market, so choosing a service which suits your budget and your requirements is a very important decision.
Host Finder, by Web Hosting Search is really cool online tool to find perfect hosting plan for your …

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[23 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]

Snapatar is really cool online tool to update your Twitter profile picture.
Snapatar is simple to use, just with two steps you can update your twitter picture, Also send a tweet, telling friends about this update.

First Open Snapatar in browser, allow it to access your webcam and take a photo using “Snap!” button. Timer button of …

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[5 Jun 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

Today lot of options (software and sites) are available to download videos from YouTube. It is little bit time consuming to remember the site name, copy the link of your favorite video, then go to its home page to download any video from YouTube or copy the URL then download video using software. While surfing …

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[8 Apr 2009 | One Comment | ]

Previously I wrote an article on ResizR to resize images. Recently I came across another service Quick Thumbnail for resizing images with multiple options. Let’s see how Quick Thumbnail work

Upload image from your computer or from web by copying image path. Quick thumbnail supports to GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG File …

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[7 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]

Converting digital photos into various shades is really great fun. Befunky is online service which allows you to create artistic result from digital images with one click. This service provides almost nine effects (Cartoonizer, Warholizer, Charcola, Patriotic, Inkify, Line Artopia, Stenciler, Sunburst and Scribbler) to convert digital images into artistic work. In each option again …

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[2 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]

PDF Download is nice service to convert web pages into high quality PDF files very easily. To create and download PDF file, we just need to drag bookmarklet in browser.
It is working with all browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
How PDF Download works for all Browsers:-

By default bookmarks is visible, if …

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[1 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]

ResizR is online tool for resizing and rotating your photos and images. You can upload image from your computer or from the web as well. After uploading image, two options are present to resize image and to rotate image.
Firefox add-on is present for ResizR so you can simply copy image with desired size. Just right …

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[9 Mar 2009 | One Comment | ]

Free Fax is nice online service to send fax easily. Homepage present with few options that is required to send the fax. The Body of the fax where you can write or simply copy paste the text or graphic contents that you want to send. Free Fax is absolutely free service without any login and …

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[4 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]

BackupURL is useful to create instant cached copies of web pages just like google cache. This cached pages also useful for mirroring data. One great advantage of cached pages is that cached pages will always be online even if original site is down.
How it works:-
BackupURL works like Google cache, Yahoo cache and WayBackMachine.

Enter the URL …

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[4 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]

Motivational posters always encourage us. Parody Motivator Generator is nice online tool to design motivational posters easily.
How to create a Motivational poster?

Upload any photograph from your computer.
Place photograph at center or top/left or bottom/right
Select option landscape to get wide poster or select portrait to get tall poster
Select colors for text+border, motivational text and background.
Give …

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[23 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]

FavIcon is nice online tool to generate a favicon from a picture, logo, or any other graphic of any resolution and size. With Favicon, it is possible to put a special logo or any small graphic with scrolling text next to the website address in address bar.
How to create FavIcon:-

Upload any image, logo with any …